The Firm

“Innovative financial and technical solutions”

About the Firm:

WBBI professional team has decades of industry experience. The firm is active at:

  • Securing financial resources for investment project (project financing),
  • Securing project realization, partners and selection/recommendations of EPC contractors and sub-contractors.
  • defining cooperation models between parties, overbridging conflicts on sensitive issues

WBBI Prague SE is an European company with an office located in Prague, Czech Republic.

We assist clients from the very beginning stages of the project development. Starting with pro-forma financial models, sensitivity analysis and all other elements required in evaluating a project.

We support our clients in preparing information memoranda and financial models; lead them through lender due diligence process, negotiations and financial and collateral documentation.

We ensure that our clients have our support needed at every stage.  We help our clients quantify their business concept in a project package suitable for potential ECI, IFI and commercial lenders. Our experience allows us to structure and present each project to receive the most favorable treatment possible. WBBI assists clients in all aspects of lender communications. We support our clients in negotiations of financial terms.

WBBI is supporting investment projects owners in ensuring project financing and assisting exporters in developing the structure of export project financing. Our focus is on large, complex projects demanding significant investment though we are able to effectively support smaller investments as well.

WBBI pays a special focus on risk management related issues. We help investors to identify critical issues early on in the process. When trying to secure sufficient amount of financial resources to carry out such projects, investors often have difficulty in securing sufficient collateral. Project financing can overcome this problem, but it requires an individual approach. WBBI covers these complex issues with range of its services.

WBBI also assists clients in obtaining grants from government agencies or international financial institutions, including leveraging government sources of grant funding for feasibility and environmental studies. These grants serve as an attractive marketing tool for later lenders and investors.